How to become a “10x engineer”

“10x engineer” is a controversial term that may elicit negative reactions from many. Controversies aside, there are indeed huge variances in productivity among software engineers, including those with comparable amount of experience. It’s a worthy endeavor to strive to become a 10x engineer with an extraordinarily high level of productivity and impact. 10x engineers are … Continue reading How to become a “10x engineer”

The problem is your product

You may think you understand the problem standing in the way of success for your product business. But often the problem you see is just the symptom: the root cause lies deeper.

The basics of attracting talent: candidate experience

Engineering managers play many roles. Some roles they are well trained for through years of schooling and practice, and others will be entirely outside their training or experience. Moving into people management will require that you juggle many new non-technical tasks while you navigate the many relationships with your report, manager, peers and others. And … Continue reading The basics of attracting talent: candidate experience

General advice for engineers

In this blog, we’ll share some advice helpful to most in our field regardless of their career goals and paths. They’re applicable to professionals in many other fields too, but are particularly meaningful to software engineers, due to the highly dynamic nature of the software field and the huge performance variances among people in our … Continue reading General advice for engineers


Software engineering is a dynamic and exciting place as a career choice. Software is eating the world, as the famed technologist/entrepreneur/VC Marc Andreessen said. AI and the COVID pandemic only accelerate the pace of software revolution. There has been an insatiable demand for talent in the field, and the trend will continue in many years … Continue reading Introduction

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